Rond 10 april 2021 worden er puppies verwacht uit de volgende combintie. Alle pups uit deze combinatie zijn zwart.


Velvet Hunters Danish and Dutch (Dabbe) & Sweet Nature New Rising Star (Svea) 

Starworkers Makes People Talk

Hegnets Art By Pablo Picasso

Starworkers Obsession By Nighttime

Vetvet Hunters Danish and Dutch

Inkwells Wild Guess

Velvet Hunters Make My Day

Velvet Hunters Brand New Day

Black Mica's That's Priceless

Flat Garden's Sigfred XVIII

Flat Garden's Mathilde IX

Sweet Nature A Cheerful Temper

Black Sire's Pontiac Bonneville

Velvet Hunters Galaxy Starliner

Velvet Hunters Sunny Princess

Ilse Serné

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